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Flexport’s import and export data is sourced from US Census statistical records. Figures represent imports to the United States from other countries and exports from the United States to other countries. Read more about HS Codes here.

U.S. Import and Export Data Of eucalyptus HS Code 330129



2008 2020

Top Origin Country


Top Destination State

New Jersey


2008 2020

Top Destination Country


Top Origin State

New Jersey

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Import Export Rankings (2022)

U.S. Import Rank (amongst 6 digit HS Codes) 789th (of 5832)
U.S. Export Rank (amongst 6 digit HS Codes) 1025th
Top Importing States New Jersey ($229,975,719), Utah ($165,763,836), California ($33,373,455), and New York ($27,709,190)
Top Exporting States Utah ($223,524,993), New Jersey ($50,517,324), California ($20,082,887), and Florida ($6,811,686)
Top Countries Importing from the U.S. China ($67,725,591), Netherlands ($49,084,671), Canada ($39,811,280), and Taiwan ($22,375,427)
Top Countries Exporting to the U.S. France ($109,412,196), China ($86,437,095), Bulgaria ($51,089,641), and India ($43,911,328)

U.S. Tariff Rates

Unit of
General Special
3301.29 Other:
3301.29.10.00 Of eucalyptus kg 1.8% Free (A, AU, BH, CL, CO, D, E, IL, JO, KR, MA, OM, P, PA, PE, S, SG)
3301.29.20.00 Of orris kg 1.1% Free (A, AU, BH, CL, CO, D, E, IL, JO, KR, MA, OM, P, PA, PE, S, SG)
3301.29.51 Other Free
3301.29.51.03 Of anise kg
3301.29.51.05 Of caraway kg
3301.29.51.07 Of cassia kg
3301.29.51.09 Of cedarwood kg
3301.29.51.11 Of citronella kg
3301.29.51.13 Of clove kg
3301.29.51.15 Of garlic kg
3301.29.51.16 Of geranium kg
3301.29.51.17 Of jasmine kg
3301.29.51.18 Of lavender or lavandin kg
3301.29.51.19 Of lemongrass kg
3301.29.51.21 Of linaloe or bois de rose kg
3301.29.51.25 Of nutmeg kg
3301.29.51.28 Of onion kg
3301.29.51.29 Of patchouli kg
3301.29.51.33 Of petitgrain kg
3301.29.51.35 Of rose (attar of roses) g
3301.29.51.37 Of rosemary kg
3301.29.51.39 Of sandalwood kg
3301.29.51.41 Of sassafras including Ocotea cymbarum kg
3301.29.51.42 Of vetiver kg
3301.29.51.43 Of ylang ylang or cananga kg
3301.29.51.50 Other kg


No rulings related to HS Code 330129.

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