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U.S. Trade Data Categorized by Harmonized System Code

Flexport’s import and export data is sourced from US Census statistical records. Figures represent imports to the United States from other countries and exports from the United States to other countries. Read more about HS Codes here.

U.S. Import and Export Data Wool N Crd/cmb Degreased N Carbonized, Shorn HS Code 510121



2008 2018

Top Origin Country

Nz 7b6103cf6ea8d017f947fe1ce7abdf5b0273d1c311a8ee3bd838612203e115e2
New Zealand

Top Destination State

Or 19caeb4d2a0f5109ac3e8f4961c261a569cc73fcd1515d5210bfcf2d521c8538


2008 2018

Top Destination Country

Mx 6597c6a647edb307be2baeb40c6052c8bbaa7e0127cac512d18432a5c264ced2

Top Origin State

Ma 23b41c1baee16f401d053bcacd091ab6703c359ae9934c9a7d4c7b40935e9d9c

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Import Export Rankings (2019)

U.S. Import Rank (amongst 6 digit HS Codes) 3930th (of 5832)
U.S. Export Rank (amongst 6 digit HS Codes) 4568th
Top Importing States Oregon ($4,470,149), Massachusetts ($1,565,347), California ($1,240,460), and South Carolina ($579,330)
Top Exporting States South Carolina ($986,774), Texas ($583,108), Massachusetts ($52,477), and New York ($15,962)
Top Countries Importing from the U.S. Mexico ($1,531,668), Canada ($40,659), China ($38,214), and Argentina ($15,962)
Top Countries Exporting to the U.S. New Zealand ($5,163,902), Australia ($1,263,719), Netherlands ($209,374), and Italy ($105,812)

U.S. Tariff Rates

Unit of
General Special
5101.21 Shorn wool:
5101.21.10.00 Wool for special uses cy kg,kg Free
5101.21.15.00 Unimproved wool; other wool, not finer than 40s cy kg,kg Free
5101.21.30.00 Other wool, finer than 40s but not finer than 44s cy kg,kg Free
5101.21.35.00 Other wool, finer than 44s cy kg,kg Free
5101.21.40 Other 20.6¢/clean kg Free (AU, BH, CA, CL, CO, E, IL, JO, KR, MA, MX, OM, P, PA, PE, SG)
5101.21.40.30 Not finer than 58s cy kg,kg
5101.21.40.60 Finer than 58s cy kg,kg
5101.21.65.00 Unimproved wool; other wool, not finer than 46s. kg Free
5101.21.70.00 Other kg 6.5¢/kg + 5.3% Free (AU, BH, CA, CL, IL, JO, KR, MA, MX, OM, P, PE, SG) 3.2¢/kg + 2.6% (CO, PA)


Date Ruling
Tariff No
Ruling Reference Related
12/09/2005 NY R02905
The tariff classification of degreased wool from New Zealand

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