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How Do I Submit a Quote Request?

Request a quote for air freight, ocean freight, trucking, and customs service.


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*Note that additional requirements apply when shipping to Amazon.*

See Frequently Asked Questions about Quoting if you have any additional questions.

Importers can request a quote by clicking on the Quotes tab in the sidebar. Click the Request Quote button.

The quote request is divided into several sections:


Here, you’ll select a name for your shipment, as well as the freight method and incoterms.

When Should I Select Show Both for Freight Method?

Should I Select LCL or FCL When Requesting a Quote?

How Should I Request a Quote if My Shipment Will Be Split Between Ocean an Air?

Incoterms are the commercial terms you have worked out with your supplier. The incoterms dictate who is responsible for, and paying for, various legs of the shipment, and this affects your quote:

  • If you choose EXW (Ex Works), we will include origin charges in your quote
  • If you choose FOB (Free On Board), we will NOT include origin charges in the quote

Origin and Destination

In this section you'll enter origin and destination addresses and details.

Troubleshooting: If the app isn't recognizing the location, check to make sure too much information hasn't been inputted into any of the fields.

When you enter your Destination location, you'll also be asked to specify whether or not you want Flexport to handle transportation from the arrival port to the destination location.

When you click into the Origin Location and Destination Location fields, you can select a location you've used previously, or you will be prompted to create new locations.

If your location is not on the list, click Create a new address. This will bring up a new form, which has fields for address, contact information, preferences, and other details.

What Should I Do if I Have Multiple Suppliers?

When inputting destination information, be sure to note whether the destination is a residential location, etc, so that your Flexport operations team can effectively prepare your shipment.

If the new location is tied to a new company, you will also be prompted to Create a new company entry:

When adding the Origin Location, please be sure to add Contact information for your supplier -- this way, we can contact them as soon as the shipment is booked.

Note that all of the information you enter here will be saved within the Flexport app; for future shipments using these locations, you'll only have to search for the location by name or city, and the system will take care of the rest.

If you have EXW incoterms and you have a preferred origin port, please enter that in the Origin Port field. Otherwise, you can just select an origin address, and your Flexport team will prepare the quote request based on the closest port.


We recommend giving your best estimate of the shipment's total weight and volume (and be sure to adjust the unit of measurement if necessary). If you know your package details (Yes), the menu will expand with fields for carton count and package dimensions (length, width, height, count).

If you don't know your package details (No), the fields will ask for total weight and volume.

If you enter detailed package dims, the form will automatically calculate your shipment's total weight and volume based on those dims.

For air and truck shipments, it is especially helpful to know if the shipment will be palletized. For palletized shipments, click on the Type menu and choose Pallet, then enter the pallet count and pallet dims.

The cargo will be weighed and measured before being shipped, and if it’s different from what was quoted, we will invoice for what was measured (whether that is more or less than what was quoted). Note: Packaging and palletization will affect your cargo’s weight and volume.

Products & Compliance

This section is also optional. However, it is very important for us to know if your shipment includes lithium ion batteries, products with magnetic properties, or hazardous materials, so please be sure to indicate Yes if any of these apply to your shipment.

Additional Details (Optional)

This section is optional, too. If your company or your product falls into any of these categories (contains wood packaging, FDA registration, etc.), please indicate Yes as applicable.

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