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How can I use Order Collaboration feature

How can I use Order Acknowledgement & Collaboration feature


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Flexport’s Order Acknowledgement & Collaboration feature within the Order Management system enables sellers to confirm receipt (i.e. acknowledgment) of the new purchase order and sellers/buyers to propose, accept, or reject changes (i.e. collaboration) to the purchase order. Current changeable fields are Cargo Ready Date, Unit Price, and Requested Quantity.

Feature Activation & Setup

To activate the Collaboration feature, Buyers need to enable any Configurable fields for change proposals through Your Business → Settings → Order Management→ Edit all Order Collaboration Settings. The selected fields will then be editable from both parties. The buyers can also set Auto-approval Threshold for each field. Any change proposal with all fields within the threshold will be automatically approved without manual reviews from Buyers.

__Notification Preferences __

Your Order Acknowledgement & Collaboration preferences can be set in the Notifications tab in your Account Settings. Here you can determine whether you’d like to receive email notifications about new orders uploaded in the last 24h and the summary report on a daily or weekly basis.

New Tabs

To better arrange the workflow, we added new tabs in the Order page:

  • All Orders: Same as the current Order List, all orders in Flexport System
  • Requires Review: Orders that are pending review and actions from the user
  • Awaiting Reviews: Orders that are pending reviews and actions from the counterparty
  • Accepted POs: Orders that have been accepted and ready to be booked
  • Booked POs: Orders that are fully booked

History Tab Redesign

The History tab of each order now shows the log of changes to the orders with labels to indicate if the chage is a proposal or a update. In the Current lebel, users can hover over to the fields with colored background to see the value prior to the current value.

In the Proposal lebel, users can see the details of each proposal.

Collaboration - How to initiate a change proposal

Both Buyers and Sellers can propose changes to the orders when Collaboration is enabled by the buyer. To initiate a change proposal, either party needs to click on the Make a Change button on the upper right cornor of the order

Collaboration - How to propose a change

Sellers will be able to propose a change to the fields enabled by the buyer, set a must respond by date and leave a message to the buyer.

Buyers have the ability to make Immediately Effective changes or send change proposals to the seller to review before the change got into effect.

Collaboration - How to review and respond to Change Proposals

Chage Proposals are available under the Requires Review tab of the receiving party and Awaiting Reivew tab of the proposing party. The Review Type column displays the fields type of the change.

The counter party can review the field that got changed and choose either accept the change or counter propose.

Collaboration - Auto Approvals

Buyers can set auto approvals threshold for each field in Collaboration feature settings. When the all fields in the change proposal from Shippers meet the auto approvals threshold, these changes will be applied without the review from Buyers. However, when one or some of the fields in the change proposals does not meet the auto approvals threshold, the buyer needs to review all fields, including the ones within the auto approval threshold, in the change proposal.

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