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Flexport App User Guide: The Dashboard

How to navigate the Flexport app's dashboard.


The Dashboard is where you’ll first land after logging in. The Dashboard provides a summary of your current shipping activity: shipments, bookings, and quotes that are currently in progress, as well as any outstanding invoices.

By default, the map will show only your active, subscribed shipments. You can toggle the settings in the upper right if you prefer to see all active shipments.

If you subscribe to all shipments, you will automatically see all active shipments.

The icon for each shipment indicates how it is currently being transported (e.g., if it’s currently on an airplane, or a ship, or a truck).

If you hover over a shipment icon, you’ll see a summary with the latest update. If you click on an icon, you’ll get a more detailed view:

Any shipment that has an exception -- an event that has changed the planned shipment schedule in some way, such as a Customs hold or a pushed-back cargo ready date -- is marked with a red icon.

If your map isn't displaying properly, please try adjusting the settings detailed here.

Click here to go to your Dashboard.

Also in this guide:

  • Dashboard -- See an overview of active shipments
  • Shipments -- Check on the status of a shipment, or send a message to your Flexport team
  • Quotes -- Request a quote for an upcoming shipment, or review a quote we’ve prepared for you
  • Products -- View information about the products you’ve shipped with Flexport
  • Network -- View or export information about your suppliers, warehouses, etc.
  • Billing -- Pay or review invoices
  • Reports -- See raw data and visual analytics to help evaluate your supply chain
  • Help -- Search or browse resources related to importing, shipping, and using the app
  • Settings -- Add users or adjust notification settings

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