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How to Create Custom Reports

Step-by-step instructions describing how to generate powerful supply-chain reports within the Flexport app.


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The Reports section of the app includes powerful tools to analyze and visualize data about your shipments, products, and invoices.

When you click on Reports, you’ll have the option to choose between Data or Analytics.

  • The Data tab includes a suite of basic reports about your shipments, products, containers, and invoices. You can also use our Report Builder to create and customize additional reports to meet specific data needs -- comprehensive shipment data, finance team reports, inbound containers, and so on.
  • The Analytics tab generates easy-to-read charts and graphs from this data.

How do I create a new custom report?

From the Data section of the Reports tab, you can see which reports have already been created, and generate any of those as necessary.

To build a new custom report, click on the default report in the upper left, scroll to the bottom, and click the blue New Report button. The Report Builder will guide you through the process of creating the report, in four quick steps:

  1. Select Report. Choose, broadly, the type of report you’re looking for, then click Next. (You’ll be able to choose specific data points in Steps 2 and 3.)
  2. Add Fields. Specify categories of data to include, then click Next.
  3. Customize Report. A series of fields will automatically be included based on the parameters you selected in Steps 1 and 2. If you’d like to further narrow down this list, you may do so here. Otherwise, skip to the report by clicking Next.
  4. Finish & Save. Give your report a name, so that you’ll be able to quickly identify it again in the future (this is especially helpful if you plan to run this report regularly, e.g. quarterly or monthly). Then click View Report.

Here is an example, showing the step-by-step creation of a “SKU in Transit” report:

If you already know exactly what fields you want to include in your custom report, you can go directly into Advanced mode, in the upper left:

In Advanced mode, you can skip to the field selection process and reorder columns.

Who will have access to custom reports?

Once created, everyone on your team with access to the reporting functions will be able to utilize this custom report (and any others that have been created) as necessary.

How can I download a custom report?

You may export a CSV file of any report within the app by clicking the Download button in the upper right.

How can shipment tags to my custom report?

Now with Shipment Tags, you can add your tags to your custom reports in the Advanced Report Builder. Select from any of your active tags to include in your report.

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