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How Can I Share Status Updates Outside of the Flexport App?

Use the Share link to communicate key details about a shipment, without exposing sensitive details or documents.


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There’s an easy way to communicate up-to-date information about a shipment without exposing sensitive details or documents: the Share link. This is especially helpful if you spend a lot of time calling and emailing various parties -- warehouse managers, salespeople, clients -- who need updates about key shipments.

First, select the shipment. Underneath the estimated delivery date, click the three dots then the Share button.

From that box, you can either send the secure link via e-mail, or you can copy the private URL and share it through another channel.

Once they have the link, the recipient will be able to use it throughout the shipment to access updates -- which should mean fewer phone calls and emails for you! Every time they click that link, they will see the latest updates about the shipment.

What information is available via the share link?

The person who clicks on the private link will only be able to see limited information about a single shipment. They will not have access to any other shipments or tabs within the Flexport app. Here’s an example of the share-link view:

This view includes:

  • Basic routing information
  • Shipment updates (such as “Arrived at LAX”)
  • Shipment method, freight type, and incoterms
  • Reference numbers (such as Master Airway Bill and Voyage Number)
  • Cargo details (such as weight, volume, and piece count)
  • Package information (if applicable)

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