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Request for Proposal

Considering inviting Flexport to your RFP?

Fill out this basic info and we will have a professional get in touch with you to discuss details.

We've sourced RFP process best practices, pitfalls, and advice from our experts across the company to come up with the perfect template.

  • A concise way to structure rates
  • A list of potential variable surcharges
  • A matrix of questions to establish criteria for a best-fit forwarder

Whether you're experienced with RFP processes or running your first one this year, Flexport can help. We’re here to support you on your bid transport journey and help you structure your bid on shipping to find the best partner for your needs. We can show you how to improve RFP process or how to write a request for proposal and get you the answers you need to ensure you're set up for success. Use Flexport's template as an example of an RFP that you can customize as necessary to make your own.

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