With innovative tracking tools and a network of high-quality trucking partners in every region we operate, Flexport is optimized to get your cargo safely to destination on both domestic and international shipments.


Tools for trucking

Truckers can access shipment details from directly within Flexport, as well as complete actions to provide real-time data, and communicate directly with Flexport and clients whenever necessary.

Robust service offering

Whether it's FTL, air cargo cartage or drayage, Flexport and our global network of trucking partners can get your goods from origin to destination.

Transparent pricing

Trucking fees can be an invoice reconciliation nightmare with traditional forwarders. Flexport provides line-by-line breakdowns of any and all charges, so invoices and quotes align more often, saving your team time and energy.

Reduce confusion and incidental charges

When it comes to getting your cargo to destination, communication breakdowns often lead to costly delays and unnecessary fees. With Flexport, our team works closely with both clients and trucking companies to surface critical shipment details like FIRMS codes and Commercial Invoices directly within Flexport, to keep shipments on track and on time.

Reduce confusion and incidental charges

Visibility you can use

Traditionally, the delivery leg is both the most important and least transparent part of a shipment. By allowing trucking companies to collaborate directly on the Flexport platform, we're able to provide you with real-time updates, so you can better plan for arrival dates and times. Working with Flexport will help make your warehouse team's job easier, and save your company time and money.

Visibility you can use

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