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holiday supply chain

Peak Season Shipping

Prep for Peak Season 2022 with Flexport—the Modern Freight Forwarder

Jumpstart Your Holiday Bookings. Solidify Your Cargo Ready Dates.

Holiday peak season 2022 is fast-approaching as brands prepare their supply chains for Black Friday and Christmas shopping. Are you prepared?

Get your ocean, air, and trucking bookings in early for this year's holiday season with a tech-first freight broker who knows how to simplify your supply chain. With Flexport’s global freight services, you’ll partner with dedicated experts and get access to real-time, end-to-end shipment tracking, and visibility at competitive rates.

Talk to our Experts.

With Flexport, you’ll get real-time insights to make sure your top-selling SKUs stay in stock. Plus, our experts can identify the right mix of shipping routes and modes to help you avoid delays.