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Ship Ocean Freight From the UK to the US With Unprecedented Visibility and Control.

Flexport has freight forwarding teams in London, Felixstowe, Southampton, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, specialized in handling daily and weekly shipments across Ocean, Air and Rail. Track everything. Collaborate with everyone. Now you can do it all in one place with Flexport’s global logistics platform:

  • Gain SKU-level visibility and control, and collaborate with your partners and suppliers in real time
  • Quote, book and track your shipments across ocean, air and land
  • Clear customs ahead of time
  • Insure your cargo and protect your goods
  • Access working capital and claim duty drawback
  • Access our logistics and customs experts, reporting tools, and analytics

Why Customers Love Flexport Freight Forwarding

Today, Flexport connects almost 10,000 customers and suppliers across 116 countries.

  • “The most frictionless piece of our supply chain is our freight forwarder."

    Jimmy Standley (President, Solé Bicycles)

  • "In Flexport, we have a truly dependable partner"

    Benjamin Penderock (Product Manager, DOTLUX)

  • "With Flexport, the visibility of our supply chain has gone up tenfold"

    RoxAnne Thomas (U.S. Transportation Manager, Gerber)


UK Shipping Keys to Success

Insist on full visibility from origin to destination for all shipments. Proactively manage suppliers with automated order management, while closing any gaps with logistics partners. Flexport’s platform for global logistics puts it all within reach.

Approach the United Kingdom With Insight

Post-Brexit Port Congestion

Heavy congestion can make your choice of import gateway critical. Felixstowe and Southampton, among UK ports, have been especially hard hit.

Carrier or Merchant, Road or Rail?

For inland UK services, your choice of carrier or merchant haulage is critical—as is considering rail, especially for delivery to the North.

Ocean Alliance Flexibility

Carrier TAWB routes to the Americas typically include just one UK port per service string, making strong relationships with all carriers key to preserving your choice of ports.

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Dedicated Customer Service, Backed by Data

Always-on access to a dedicated service team that sees the data you see: real-time tracking, exception alerts, inventory insights. So every conversation is in context. And every interaction is more productive.

Extra Advantage in Every Mode

Ocean Freight

When shipping to or from the United Kingdom, Flexport’s Ocean services offer more visibility, reliability, and savings potential.

Air Freight

Get the UK-tailored solutions—backed by data and led by experts—to optimize your air strategy and increase ROI.

Ground Transportation

Gain transparency and peace of mind with our integrated tracking tools and our vetted transport partners.

Global Trade

Use the customs brokerage and trade advisory powered by experts in using data to unlock cost savings and strategic advantage.