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Automated notifications and total visibility are possible

Work with Flexport brokers—even if you don’t ship with us—to minimize what can be minimized, while our technology maximizes the value of your customs data to the rest of your business.

You’re Cleared For 
A Better Customs 

The Flexport Platform structures your product-level data and becomes your single source of truth, providing visibility and control from end to end.

Search Everything. Stop at Nothing.

Search for what you want—SKU, HS code, PO, style, or customs entry number—in any customs document. Then find it and related items all in one place. No more time lost bouncing between systems.

Capture Product Data to Speed Imports

Simplify clearances through dynamic customs data associated with your products or SKUs. Flexport’s secure Product Library is your central source of truth, enabling you and your broker to tackle exceptions immediately, improve collaboration, and increase compliance.

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Simplify Customs With Total Transparency

Take charge of customs delays and data black boxes. Anticipate customs needs and give your stakeholders a central place for all things customs.