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From Gaps to Growth in Manufacturing

Gaps. They’re everywhere in your manufacturing supply chain. Whether it’s poor visibility on your next shipment or broken communication with suppliers, they’re making things tough.

But it doesn’t need to be. It’s time to prepare for unpredictability, fine tune operations and react instantly.

It’s time to close the gap.

Read our latest guide to find out how and unlock value for your business.

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What’s Your Manufacturing Supply Chain Gap?

Sprawling, complex and open to shocks: sourcing the resources you need, at the best price, has been tough. So much so that 39% have paused their digital transformation strategies* in response to market contraction.*

But now is the time to fine-tune your operations and get ahead of uncertainty. Because being efficient doesn’t have to be difficult.

Closing the gap on visibility, network and sustainability in the supply chain means knowing where your inefficiencies really are and taking action. Create closer coordination, tackle miscommunications and build a greener supply chain in the process.

Are you ready to close your gap?


of customers agree working with Flexport gives their team better visibility into their supply chain.


of organisations rated the accuracy of customs filings from Flexport as better than other brokerages.


prefer the Flexport platform's centralised messaging over that of other logistics providers.

How We Help Manufacturing Supply Chain Customers Close Their Gaps

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Closing the Visibility Gap With K&N

Auto industry veterans K&N faced significant tariff increases, with Section 301 alone costing the business 30% more. To boost cash flow and stimulate further tech investment, the company worked with Flexport as their customs broker – with a 7x increase in Duty Drawback refunds. The partnership saved time and money for K&N's logistics team of one, boosting available capital while cutting the drawback process from a week to just 15 minutes.

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Closing the Sustainability Gap With Tricon

Texan petrochemical distributer, Tricon, wanted to launch a sustainability program with the aim of bringing all its initiatives under one cohesive effort. Teaming up with Flexport to close the sustainability gap, our free online tool helped Tricon calculate its emissions across freight activity and understand its true carbon footprint – leading to more than 350,000 tonnes of CO2e offset, and a gold status sustainability rating with EcoVadis.

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Closing the Network Gap With Dotlux

LED specialist DOTLUX needed to rethink its supply chain strategy to match ambitious growth plans. But with no overarching view of freight transports and deliveries, the sheer task of managing its supply chain was holding the company back. After embracing Flexport’s platform, real-time access and proactive communication improved flexibility and reduced transit times by 1-2 days, on average - allowing DOTLUX to reallocate resources to develop new offerings for its customers.

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Let’s Unlock Value in Your Supply Chain and Prepare for Growth

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