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From Gaps to Growth in Fashion & Apparel

Gaps. They’re everywhere in your supply chain. Whether it’s poor visibility on your next shipment or broken communication with suppliers, they’re making things tough.

But it doesn’t need to be. It’s time to spot the problems in your supply chain, get ahead of change, manage unpredictability and react instantly.

It’s time to close the gap.

Read our latest guide to find out how and unlock value for your business.

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What’s Your Fashion & Apparel Supply Chain Gap?

Across the fashion & apparel supply chain there’s pressure to meet consumer demands, reduce costs and achieve sustainable goals.

With 7 in 10 executives saying supply chain disruptions will impact retailers’ growth this year,* it's a complex and tough environment right now but it can be easier.

Closing the gap in your supply chain – whether that’s visibility, network or sustainability – will mean you can act decisively and accurately, with sustainable decisions for long-term improvements.

Are you ready to close your gap?


of organisations rated the accuracy of customs filings from Flexport as better than other brokerages.


of organisations agree, "Flexport makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of my company’s supply chain".


of customers agree the Flexport Platform enables clear and fast communication and collaboration with suppliers, partners, and their team.

How We Help Fashion & Apparel Supply Chain Customers Close Their Gaps

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Closing the Visibility Gap With Ergobaby

As Ergobaby grew internationally, so did its supply chain complexity, with visibility into logistics milestones and other business critical data becoming increasingly hard to track. Together, we helped Ergobaby close the visibility gap by digitising its supply chain with greater accuracy, predictability and collaboration – onboarding more than ten suppliers and reducing delivery time by 2-3 days.

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Closing the Sustainability Gap With O My Bag

As a retailer with a strong sense of purpose, O My Bag was very concerned about its freight activity emissions. But with a complex and world-spanning supply chain, changes were easier said than done. So, it teamed up with Flexport to close the sustainability gap and uncover its exact emissions, leading to a carbon footprint reduction of 18% in 2021 alone.

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Closing the Network Gap With NA-KD

NA-KD was struggling to meet customer demand in the extremely fast-paced world of online fashion commerce. Growing complexity due to a wide network of suppliers, designers and manufacturers, coupled with short merchandise cycles, was making it difficult to maintain accuracy, availability and reliability. Flexport worked with NA-KD’s logistics team to digitalize its largely manual system and close the network gap – achieving 57% business growth in one year with improved supply chain management.

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