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Streamline Your Supply Chain With End-To-End Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking Technology for More Agility and Adaptability

Get unprecedented end-to-end tracking of your entire supply chain—from PO creation all the way to final delivery including real-time shipment status, down to the individual SKU level. Your business tech needs to respond to constantly changing needs. Flexport’s next-gen tech platform helps you respond faster with the insights you need for a more agile and resilient supply chain. Get a single source of truth for you, your partners and suppliers.

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Join Thousands of Leading Brands on Flexport

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  • Having everything accurate and at my fingertips allows me to work better with finance, demand planning and our warehouse team.

    Jim Guenza

    Logistics Manager, Klean Kanteen



Data Powers Better Decisions and Workflows

Partners, suppliers, your customer service team, and anyone else you choose can benefit from better access to real-time insights via our platform. Transit time, landed costs, and container utilization are now metrics within reach—thanks to Flexport's technology, giving you the power to structure, store, and safeguard your data. Collaborate in real time. Order from suppliers. Track freight in motion. Message your warehouse. Flexport speeds workflows for everyone in your supply chain.


Improve On-Time Delivery With Cargo Tracking

Track and trace your entire supply chain, spot any issues, and dive deeper to fix them together with your Flexport support team. Whether it’s knowing when to make room at the warehouse, or sending your customers delivery updates, our technology helps everyone stay up-to-date. Get the fastest time to value and 24x7 expert support every step of the way.

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