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From Gaps to Growth

Gaps. They’re everywhere in your supply chain. Whether it’s poor visibility on your next shipment or broken communication with suppliers, they’re making things tough.

But it doesn’t need to be. It’s time to spot the problems in your supply chain, get ahead of change, manage unpredictability and react instantly.

It’s time to close the gap.

Read our latest guide to find out how and unlock value for your business.

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What's Your Supply Chain Gap?

The Visibility Gap

Poor visibility across the supply chain puts profitability and growth at risk.

And it’s a big problem, with 86% of executives agreeing more investment is needed into supply chain visibility to identify, track and measure supply chain risk.*

It’s time to close the visibility gap across your supply chain and know what’s going on – always.

The Network Gap

Managing freight logistics is a team sport. But with so many players (and timezones) involved in each shipment, gaps in communication and collaboration can hold back progress.

While 53% of executives say driving growth using supply chain technology investments is their main objective, it's only possible once instant communication across the supply chain is available in one place.*

It’s time to close the network gap in your supply chain and act on what’s going on, quickly and accurately.

The Sustainability Gap

What’s the carbon footprint of your last shipment? It’s a tough question to answer and it’s even tougher to act on.

In fact, 73% of executives say the most common challenge to integrating sustainability into the supply chain is a lack of available data and digital tools.*

Because closing the sustainability gap means knowing your impact. And choosing how you act on what’s going on, with sustainable, long-term improvements.



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Let’s Unlock Value in Your Supply Chain and Prepare for Growth

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*Statistics from PwC’s 2023 Digital Trends in Supply Chain Survey

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