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How Molekule Filters out Inefficiency with Flexport Air Freight


Time saved on logistics planning since working with Flexport team


of hot shipments delivered on time or early with Flexport


of quotes turned around in 24 hours or less since working with Flexport

Molekule, a San Francisco-based science and clean tech brand, is on an important mission to eliminate indoor air pollution for good. Designed from decades of solar and nanotechnology research, Molekule’s super sleek, top-of-the-line air purifiers are designed to bring cleaner air to homes, businesses, and public establishments all over the world—a true breath of fresh air.

Due to rapid growth and increased demand fueled by wildfires, the pandemic and other factors, Molekule saw a spike in demand and was looking for ways to ensure inventory kept up with sales. With Flexport’s Air Freight options, Molekule was able to find a reliable, fast shipping solution that enabled them to maintain momentum during peak seasons and demand surges.

Can Inventory Keep Up With the Speed of Business?

Brad Audiss, a production manager at Molekule, works closely with their product and manufacturing teams to ensure that supply always meets demand. This is no small feat—especially for a fast-growing, high-tech brand working with multiple suppliers across both China and the United States. With multiple moving pieces, Molekule quickly realized that they needed to restructure their supply chain in order to meet growing customer demand.

From the beginning, we wanted to design a supply chain built for speed and that’s why we chose Flexport as our freight forwarder. We’ve grown a lot in the past few years, and working with Flexport as a partner has been key to navigating the challenges that come with moving fast.

  • Brad Audiss, Production Manager, Molekule

Prior to Flexport, Molekule faced the challenge of keeping enough inventory stocked to match their surging sales. On top of this, the company also faced a unique business problem—spikes in demand brought by natural disasters.

“When something like a wildfire hits, having access to clean air becomes essential,” explains Audiss. “Nobody wants to see sales increase because of a natural disaster, but it’s in these moments that it’s most critical to be able to fulfill customer orders.” It became clear to their team that Molekule needed to upgrade their supply chain, stat.

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Molekule’s primary goal is to delight customers with on-time deliveries—especially when the going gets tough. In Flexport, Molekule found a freight-forwarding partner that has both the platform to streamline their supply chain and the expertise to navigate the world of international logistics to pursue their goal.

The Right Crew to Have Aboard When Sales Take Flight

Since partnering with Flexport, Molekule is prepared in every way to stay ahead of booming sales—especially during unexpected surges. Flexport’s expanded Air Freight services helped Molekule replenish inventory when the product sold out not once, but seven times!

For us, being able to secure space quickly, and knowing that a Thursday airlift means I receive my shipment on Friday, is huge from a supply perspective. With Flexport, we’re able to keep the engine running and keep fulfilling customer orders, which is the most important thing.

  • Brad Audiss, Production Manager, Molekule

By teaming up with Flexport, Molekule was able to replenish their stock quickly and efficiently. “For a product of our size, shipping by air isn’t our first choice,” says Audiss. “But I can’t say enough positive things about Flexport’s airfreight services and what having it in our back pocket, at times when we need a quick uplift for a competitive price, has meant for our business,” adds Audiss.

A Platform Designed for Clarity and Visibility

Flexport’s platform and our global client success team plays a huge role in helping clients move quickly to avoid stockouts by providing clear, concise data and facilitating quarterly business reviews. Armed with actionable insights and timely advice, Molekule is better able to understand their sales data, shipment trends, and other key logistics indicators.

Flexport also offers its expert services to ensure a healthy balance between supply and demand. For example, Audiss explains that working with Flexport team members in Shenzhen has been crucial to ensuring they never miss a beat. Flexport helps Molekule collaborate better with their suppliers to make sure they meet the deadlines, so the clock never stops on getting products into the hands of customers.

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Modern Freight Forwarding for Modern Brands

As a brand that prides itself on clean solutions, Molekule confidently partners with Flexport to continuously freshen their supply chain and elevate their business model.
In the future, Molekule hopes to continue to work closely with Flexport to expand their reach beyond their current markets. According to Audiss, “we’re working together now in exploring expansion into new international markets. You really can’t put a value on working with a partner like Flexport who truly understands your supply chain.”

Key Takeaways


Molekule sought to ramp up its inventory to stay ahead of massive sales surges.


Using the Flexport platform helped Molekule streamline its supply chain and navigate the world of international logistics.


Molekule now fulfills 92% of its priority shipments early or on time since using data from Flexport's platform.

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  • “From our quarterly business reviews to the transparency we get into our data provided by the Flexport platform, I couldn’t recommend Flexport more as a partner for bettering your business.”

    Brad Audiss

    Production Manager, Molekule

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