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Customer Success

How Molekule Filters out Inefficiency with Flexport Airfreight

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Clear Air Technology Start-Up Sees Uplift in On-Time Delivery


Molekule is a San Francisco-based science and clean technology start-up on a mission to eliminate indoor air pollution. Its air purifier product combines decades of solar and nanotechnology research to bring cleaner air to consumers in homes, businesses and public places.

Due to rapid growth and upticks in demand fueled by natural disasters, Molekule struggled to keep up with sales. For Molekule, running out of inventory meant risking being unable to fulfill customer orders. Molekule sought a solution to quickly, and cost-effectively, help them navigate these spikes in demand.

"I can’t say enough positive things about Flexport’s Air Service and what having it in our back pocket, at times when we need a quick uplift for a competitive price, has meant for our business."

Brad Audiss
Inventory Planner at Molekule

With Flexport Private Airfreight, Molekule found a reliable, fast shipping solution that enabled it to fulfill customer purchases and maintain sales momentum when demand spiked. Quick freight movement coupled with a global, consultative account team enable Molekule to ensure no customer order goes unfulfilled.

Getting Started

As an inventory planner for Molekule, Brad Audiss manages the production schedule of Molekule’s air purifier product, ensuring that supply always meets demand. For this fast-growing company, working with suppliers across both China and the United States to build its proprietary technology in rhythm with growing demand is no small task.

“From the beginning, we wanted to design a supply chain built for speed and that’s why we chose Flexport as our freight forwarder,” says Audiss. “We’ve grown a lot in the past few years, and working with Flexport as a partner has been key to navigating the challenges that come with moving fast.”

Air-Powered Supply Chain

Typical for a fast-growing brand, Molekule faced the challenge of keeping inventory stocked to meet sales growth. Molekule also faced a unique business problem—spikes in demand brought by natural disasters. “When something like a wildfire hits, having access to clean air becomes essential,” explains Audiss. “Nobody wants to see sales increase because of a natural disaster, but it’s in these moments that it’s most critical to be able to fulfill customer orders.”

These days, Molekule faces such critical moments all too often; in a recent year, they have sold out of product seven times. When it comes to bridging the gap between stock-out and sale, Molekule turns to Flexport's airfreight services. “For a product of our size, shipping by air isn’t our first choice,” says Audiss. “But I can’t say enough positive things about Flexport’s airfreight services and what having it in our back pocket, at times when we need a quick uplift for a competitive price, has meant for our business.”

“For us, being able to secure space quickly, and knowing that a Thursday uplift means I receive my shipment on Friday, is huge from a supply perspective. With Flexport, we’re able to keep the engine running and keep fulfilling customer orders, which is the most important thing.”

Audiss says his global Flexport team also plays a huge role in moving quickly to avoid stock-outs. “Working with Flexport team members in Shenzhen has been so helpful in ensuring we never missed a beat. They work with our suppliers to make sure we meet the dates we need to, so the clock never stops on getting our product in the hands of our customers.”

Continuous Improvements

Molekule has also found Flexport to be a trusted partner in continuously improving their business. “From our quarterly business reviews to the transparency into our data provided by their platform, I couldn’t recommend Flexport more as a partner for bettering your business,” says Audiss.

“We’re working together now in exploring expansion into new international markets. You really can’t put a value on working with a partner like Flexport who truly understands your supply chain.”

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