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Rise Up, Entrepreneurs

We're democratizing supply chain optimization, enabling you to ship anywhere, sell everywhere, and grow faster. Put your logistics on autopilot through our consumer-grade tools, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

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We handle everything (yes, everything) from factory floor to customer door.

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How It Works

Sign Up And Connect

Connect your listing tool in just one-click and preview costs for each item in your catalog.

Send Us Your Inventory

Pick the items from your catalog that you want to send to us, and we'll find the most optimal, cost-effective, and reliable way to get them to anywhere you need.

Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, we automatically enable you to sell your product in all the places you want to reach customers.

Ship Anywhere

Simplify the process of moving your products from factory floor to customer door. Gain access to versatile shipping solutions, ensuring your products remain consistently available, in-stock, and ready to sell.

Move Products Globally With Ease

Transport your products with the same ease as online shopping. Just specify your origin and destination, and we'll present you with adaptable shipping solutions to smoothly transport your goods.

Choose What Works For You

Whether you're dealing with a single pallet or a full container, we'll recommend the ideal shipping solution tailored to your requirements.  Plus, we're here to assist with customs, cargo insurance, supply chain financing, and more!

Inbound Once and We’ll Do the Rest

Our AI-powered software continuously moves your product closest to your customers, based on demand, to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Sell Everywhere

Reach customers both online and in-person, providing easy access and timely deliveries to meet them wherever they are. We integrate with the largest retail marketplaces so you can import your catalog with a single click.

Sell in More Places

Seamlessly expand your product reach across multiple channels and marketplaces. By harnessing the power of our network, you'll tap into new markets while reducing your inventory management, volume, and distribution costs.

Restock Inventory on Time, Every Time

Get timely replenishment recommendations for low stock SKUs and ensure fulfillment centers are always stocked within limits.

Expand Your Wholesale Business

Distribute inventory to U.S. retail partners, ensuring 100% compliance and reduced chargeback risk through precise routing and seamless EDI integrations.

Grow Faster

Supercharge your business from initial sale to full scale with hassle-free logistics solutions that grow with you, empowering you to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Drive Sales with Fast Delivery

Unlock 1-3 day delivery promise and drive sales by up to 25% by automatically displaying reliable dates on your storefront and checkout.

Scale with One Partner

Save time and energy by using a single partner for all your logistics needs. No more coordinating multiple vendors, and worrying about your customer's experience.

Future-Proof Your Business

Create the exact logistics solution you need with freight, storage, D2C and wholesale fulfillment, returns, and our open APIs.

  • Flexport strategically places inventory close to our customer demand, allowing us to deliver our shoes in 3 days or less without our own operations team being involved. This has been an absolute game-changer for the Kizik business.

    Jason Lee

    COO, Kizik

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Ship anywhere. Sell everywhere. Grow Faster.