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Omnichannel & Fulfillment Solutions

End-to-End Supply Chain Automation

Connect and automate your supply chain from international freight all the way through fulfillment. In the Flexport Seller Portal, you can instantly book your freight services and ship to the Flexport network or anywhere in the continental US. From our network, we manage a single pool of inventory to prep and distribute your inventory to the largest retailers, or deliver directly to your customer’s front door with lightning speed.

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We handle everything from factory floor to customer door or retail store.

Unlike other 3PLs, Flexport manages and automates every point of your supply chain including international freight, domestic freight, storage, prep, kitting, replenishment, ecommerce fulfillment, B2B fulfillment, parcel, and returns.


How It Works

Sign Up And Connect Your Store

Create your account and connect your storefront. We support 20+ ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart Marketplace, plus 15+ B2B retailers. Preview costs for each item in your catalog.

Send Us Your Inventory

Pick the items from your catalog that you want to send to us, and we'll find the most optimal, cost-effective, and reliable way to get them to anywhere you need.

Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, we automatically enable you to sell your product in all the places you want to reach customers.

Ship Anywhere

Instantly price and book both international and domestic freight in one central location. Plus, add any additional services including customs clearance, cargo insurance, and supply chain financing. We provide transparent pricing and enable visibility across your entire supply chain.

Move Products Globally With Ease

Transport your products with the same ease as online shopping. Just specify your origin and destination, and we'll present you with adaptable shipping solutions to smoothly transport your goods.

Choose What Works For You

Whether you're dealing with a single pallet or a full container, we'll recommend the ideal shipping solution tailored to your requirements.  Plus, we're here to assist with customs, cargo insurance, supply chain financing, and more!

Inbound Once and We’ll Do the Rest

Our AI-powered software continuously moves your product closest to your customers, based on demand, to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Sell Everywhere

Connect your Flexport Seller Portal with all of your marketplaces and retail partners to manage a single pool of inventory. In just a few clicks, you can connect with 20+ ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart. Plus, we offer B2B fulfillment with 15+ of the largest retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS and Costco.

Sell in More Places

Flexport lowers the barriers to sell in more places. In just a few clicks, you can add a new storefront and begin selling. By managing a single pool of inventory, Flexport reduces the need to increase inventory, complexity, and costs. We provide the expertise needed so your products meet each retailer’s requirements, arrive on time, and remain in-stock.

Stay In-Stock and Sell More

Flexport uses data-driven, AI-powered technology to strategically place your inventory across our network. Our technology allows you to set your desired inventory levels and set automatic replenishment rules to ensure a constant drip of product to retailers. Never lose a sale again due to out-of-stocks.

Expand Your Wholesale B2B Business

Grow your B2B business without the stress of added complexity. We integrate with 15+ retail partners, achieving compliance and reducing chargeback risk through precise routing and seamless EDI integration. You focus on growing your business, we’ll handle the logistics.

Grow Faster

Transform your supply chain from a cost center to a competitive advantage. By reducing complexity, you unlock the ability to apply time and resources to growth initiatives. By reducing costs through a single vendor, you are able to reinvest in your products and services. And, by offering faster delivery speeds, you can increase sales up to 25%.

Increase Sales with Fast Delivery

Consumers expect fast delivery and Flexport makes 2-3 day delivery promises reliable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. With faster delivery, you can Increase your sales by up to 25% by automatically displaying fast delivery speeds on your storefront and checkout pages.

Flexible Delivery Options

Flexport offers four different delivery speeds depending on your business needs. We offer Two-Day Expedited, Three-Day Expedited, our dynamic Flexpedited service, and Standard 5-7 Business Day delivery. We provide options so you only pay for what you need.

Scale with One Partner

Our goal is to provide optionality and flexibility so your supply chain can adapt as your business grows. We provide a la carte services to support your changing business needs, flexible network distribution options (one-node, two-node, multi-node), and multiple delivery speeds. We understand that the logistics solutions you need today may not be the solutions you need in the future and we are here to help you grow faster and scale with you.

  • Flexport strategically places inventory close to our customer demand, allowing us to deliver our shoes in 3 days or less without our own operations team being involved. This has been an absolute game-changer for the Kizik business.

    Jason Lee

    COO, Kizik

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