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Sales-Ready Inventory

Hassle-free, expert prep services that'll help you sell.

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Sell across more channels

Expand your business with inventory that’s ready for any channel. We’ll take care of keeping up with compliance regulations, prepping for multi-channel sales, and simplifying your operations.

Avoid costly inventory issues

Prep your way out of constrained inventory or lost cycles due to rejections, breakage, or other incidents. We have the expertise to ensure your inventory gets transformed into what you need.

Focus on growing your business

Spend more time on your business, not manual prep or wrangling vendors. Save time and money by using one partner to store, prep and fulfill orders to all your wholesale customers.

Be Ready To Meet Demand

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Prep Services In Our Network

Kitting, bagging, variety packs, floor containers, wipedowns—whatever you need, we make it happen.

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Predictable, Transparent Pricing

Prep can be unclear, complex, and pricey. Flexport Prep isn’t any of those things.

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Even Better Together

Combine with our freight and prep services to reduce costs and simplify your operations.

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  • Flexport’s logistics services have been something we’ve been searching for over the past two years. With Flexport now coordinating every aspect of our U.S.-based movements, we are able to simplify communication, coordination, and costs.

    Lindy McCollom

    Logistics Manager, Shoe Carnival

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Sales-Ready Inventory

Compliant inventory for every sales channel.