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Booking Management

Effortlessly Manage Your Entire Ocean Network on a Single, Intuitive Interface

Flexport’s Booking Management technology allows you to streamline your ocean freight operations, elevate your visibility, and track and optimize performance—on a single, intuitive interface.

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Streamline Your Operations

Seamlessly handle bookings across diverse ocean providers through our user-friendly interface. Centralize all orders in one convenient hub, ensuring operational smoothness and timely execution. Fine-tune parameters based on route and date to minimize booking discrepancies and optimize inventory flow.

Elevate Your Visibility

Bid farewell to cumbersome email chains for outdated container updates. Obtain visibility into every booking milestone, effectively structuring your day around highlighted exceptions. Liberate your teams from the time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on managing vital exceptions.

Track and Optimize Performance

Flexport redefines visibility by seamlessly integrating booking data from ocean carriers. Access essential metrics like MQC utilization, and carrier booking performance to prioritize what truly matters.

How It Works

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Suppliers place bookings via the Flexport booking app. 

Our team manages the carrier booking process in line with your
allocation strategy.

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Our team communicates between suppliers, carriers, and you.

Our team conducts regular monitoring of volume attainment versus carrier Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQCs) to hold carriers accountable.

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You get access to shipment highlights, key milestones, and automated reporting in a single platform view.

Take Your Booking Management Further

Order Management

Unlock visibility and stay on track of your orders. 


Clear goods quickly. Use data for strategy. 

Ocean Freight

Cross the ocean reliably, thanks to oceans of data. 

Less than Container

Use every TEU to keep goods on the move.

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Optimize Your Logistics Strategy With Flexport Booking Management

We manage carrier-direct and NVO ocean contracts, book shipments on your behalf, and provide shipment tracking from point A to point B. Learn more about how you can optimize your ocean freight logistics strategy with Booking Management in our official launch post.

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Effortlessly manage your entire ocean freight network on a single, intuitive interface