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2023 Logistics Trends report background


2023 Logistics Trends Report

What's Inside?

We spoke to more than 1,400 merchants around the globe to uncover their biggest challenges in logistics.

Our report looks at strategic solutions and how you can plan for your business today, and in the future.

The Big Takeaways

  • Although DTC fulfillment maintains the lead, multi-channel fulfillment is quickly catching up. 72% of businesses now fulfill orders through multiple channels.
  • Reliable delivery, achieved through strategic inventory distribution, is now as important to customers as fast shipping.
  • Businesses are beginning to adopt warehouse automation and robots. Artificial Intelligence and first-party data are key to success.
  • Businesses are turning to advanced technology and re-sale tactics to tackle a rise in returns, lowering costs while keeping customers happy.
  • Modern replenishment services and inventory management systems make stock outs more avoidable.
  • Resilient businesses are diversifying how and where they transport goods to help combat delays.