The Brexit Deadline Is Near. Is Your Business Ready?

Customs and border controls go into effect in 2021 with broad impacts for supply chains spanning Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the EU. Tap into Flexport customs experts to better understand the issues and complete your Brexit preparedness.

Prepare for New Border Controls Between the EU and the UK.

When the transition period ends this year, the customs union will go with it. Great Britain (GB) companies trading with the European Union (EU), including the Republic of Ireland, and EU-based companies trading with GB will be impacted. Preparing now for new border and customs controls and their effects on supply chains will make your transition easier and smoother.

Customs, Tariffs, Contracts—Mark Your Brexit Checklist.

Customs Changes

How will tariffs and border regulations change? All EU-GB trade will need new import and export declarations, plus safety and security filings. And, new UK global tariffs may change duty rates and HS codes—all of which must be planned for.

Operational Impact

What’s the day-to-day logistical impact? Changes to distribution operations may include delays at borders or inland customs inspection sites, warehousing capacity constraints, and pallet shortages.

Legal Entities

Check if you are established in the EU or UK. As of January 1, 2021 any UK entity used to import or export to and from the EU will no longer be considered an EU establishment, creating new potential complexities for you and your customs broker.

Terms of Sale

What are the best Incoterms for 2021 and beyond? A clear understanding of what’s in your sales contract will determine your responsibilities post-brexit. An update to terms may be needed to reflect the new customs clearance environment.

Movement of Goods

What paperwork will new borders bring? Customs transit will still be available to move goods between EU and GB. But companies should appoint a broker to support the required extra administration, such as the Goods vehicle movement system and SMART freight portal.

Postponed VAT Accounting

How will taxes change? VAT accounting shifts dramatically when the postponement of VAT payment at point of entry is introduced. GB VAT registered companies that currently pay import VAT at the frontier will be able to postpone that payment until their digital VAT return, adding major cash-flow advantages.

Brexit Resources from Flexport

Speak to an Expert

Brexit readiness goes beyond your supply chain. Join our experts for a no-strings-attached consultation to assess your preparedness for 2021 and beyond.

Brexit Status Timeline

New customs declarations are just one dimension of this political and economic shift. Use this timeline to help shape your planning for every aspect of Brexit.

Our Solutions

Brexit will touch borders, trade lanes, and more. Working with Flexport gives you visibility and control over your supply chain across every mode.

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Navigate new regulatory and border environments seamlessly with our experts, data, and powerful platform.

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Transparency, agility, and reliable rates matter more than ever during times of change. Choose a service that gives you more of all three.

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New rules can be an opportunity. Make your shipping more transparent, reliable, and affordable with our ocean service backed by our cloud-based platform.

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