Container Tracking Simplified

Flexport has acquired Crux Systems’ advanced track-and-trace technology to give you even greater supply chain visibility.

Unparalleled Visibility

When you receive detailed, real-time data, such as estimated and actual arrival dates, you can make better decisions faster. Receiving gate-in and gate-out updates as they happen allows you to automate more container events and avoid unnecessary dwell times and demurrage fees.

For Flexport Clients

Equipped with Crux Systems updates at their fingertips, Flexport Squads give better, quicker insights to our clients to save them resources and inform supply chain planning. Flexport plans to integrate Crux Systems technology right into the Platform, so it's accessible for free when you ship with Flexport.

Crux Systems as a Stand-Alone Service

Your Crux Systems dashboard shows automated updates and sends notifications about containers that require attention. Cargo owners and trucking companies that are interested in purchasing Crux Systems' standalone container tracking service can do so at

Save Hours Tracking Down Your Containers

Comprehensive shipment visibility and optimal operational efficiency benefit everyone in the supply chain. Crux Systems' real-time container updates can improve shipment forecasting and save everyone from cumbersome emails, spreadsheets and phone calls.

See how you can achieve real-time visibility into your inventory in motion.


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