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Container Tracking We Can All Follow

Know where your freight is at all times. The Flexport Platform makes it easy for your team to track shipments in real time.

Visibility With a Purpose

With detailed, real-time data, such as estimated and actual arrival dates, you can make better decisions faster. Receiving gate-in and gate-out updates as they happen allows you to automate more container events and limit dwell times and demurrage fees.

More Than Visibility

Advanced track and trace technology is integrated into the Flexport platform, making it easier to manage orders with suppliers and streamline customs clearance. You’ll always know the location and status of your cargo, anywhere in the world.

Cargo Owners and Truckers Click

The Flexport platform—through automated updates and proactive notifications for containers that require attention—keeps cargo owners and their partners on the same page. It’s one more way the platform empowers every supply chain participant.

Save Hours Tracking Down Your Containers

Comprehensive shipment visibility and optimal operational efficiency benefit everyone touching your supply chain. Flexport’s real-time container updates can improve shipment forecasting and save everyone from time-consuming emails, spreadsheets and phone calls.

Large LCL-Shipping Recovered

Ready to Get Started?

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