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Order Management

Transform Your Supply Chain With Order Management

Enhance supply chain efficiency and reduce cost through automation and built-in workflows. Gain product level insights to optimize processes and increase your customer satisfaction by minimizing errors and delays.

Order management module from Flexport Platform

Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency

Foster trust by unlocking end-to-end order line level transparency across your whole supply chain. Make informed decisions to improve receiving operations and minimize disruptions in fulfillment.

Reduce Cost Through Automation

Set supplier SLAs to ensure prompt order bookings, optimize costs, and improve timely deliveries. Collaborate with suppliers using Flexport PO messaging and collaboration tools. Instantly synchronize approved order changes with your system of record.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Elevate your delivery performance and mitigate stockout risks. By keeping both internal and external stakeholders informed with real-time updates on product status, you can scale effortlessly for growth, ensuring top-notch service even in the face of increased demand.

Leverage Data to Optimize Processes

Use the power of analytics with Flexport to identify improvement opportunities and boost predictability across your supply chain. You can leverage performance metrics and feedback to navigate changing conditions with confidence.

Order management module on the Flexport Platform

Automate Your Order Management

Flexport's Order Management solution provides a centralized platform for coordinating and optimizing supply chain activities, streamlining processes, reducing complexity and enhancing overall efficiency. Collaborate with suppliers to ensure timely booking and delivery of your orders. Set booking approval rules to improve your supplier compliance and accuracy.

New order module on the Flexport Platform

Centralize Order Collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers directly in the Flexport Platform to adjust order quantities, cargo ready dates, or negotiate different unit prices. Message threads follow your PO across your workflows. You can keep all your stakeholders informed about the status of each product.

Booking module on the Flexport Platform

Simple Booking Process

Assign orders to new bookings by selecting them in the platform or upload a CSV file to link multiple orders and line items. Cut down the time spent booking with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

  • Real time conversation with our suppliers overseas, and being able to manage by exception, gives us the power of information to make timely and informed decisions.

    Jason Starr

    Director of Operations at Globe Electric

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Transforming Your Supply Chain with Flexport

Team up with our team of Supply Chain Solutions experts to design an optimal order management experience for you and your business. Leverage Flexport technology and local expertise to support your day-to-day operations. Whether it's managing tasks, coordinating schedules, or assisting with bookings, Flexport's team is committed to providing comprehensive and expert assistance tailored to your needs.

Different order management integrations with the Flexport Platform


Facilitating Onboarding Experience For Suppliers

Flexport takes pride in providing robust onboarding support as part of the Order Management program. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth onboarding process for both you and your suppliers, delivering a comprehensive and standardized onboarding experience.

Take Your Order Management Further

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Ocean Freight

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Clear goods quickly. Use the data for strategy.

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