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January 2, 2020

Horizn Studios Tightens Up Supply Chain to Take Over Europe

Horizn Studios Tightens Up Supply Chain to Take Over Europe


As Europe’s first smart luggage brand and its first vertically integrated luggage company, Horizn Studios has packed a lot of pioneering into a young business.

Among other accomplishments, the German luggage brand partnered with the world’s youngest astronaut Alyssa Carson who is likely to be first on Mars and designed a Space-ready carry-on. The German luggage brand is outfitting modern travelers with innovative features like removable charging packs to engage with known and unknown worlds—while boasting a 35% monthly growth rate and a 94% on-time shipment delivery rate.

From the get-go, one of the primary objectives was to form the strongest relationships possible with suppliers and customers so that Horizn Studios could continue to build its reputation.

The company's challenges are not uncommon, especially for those that have hit upon the combination of forward-leaning features and modern design in a well-loved product category.

A Complex Supply Chain

Many newer companies like Horizn Studios have a supply chain that is as vast as its product vision.

In Horizn Studios’ case, luggage sells via a direct-to-consumer website that ships worldwide, a flagship store in Berlin, another brick-and-mortar in London, and luxury wholesale partners in Europe.

While the business thrives in Europe and beyond — intense demand leads to stockouts. Transparency around delivery times can get hazy, forcing repeat communication that burns valuable time.

Real-Time Shipment Details

As Horizn Studios excels amid the rapidly emerging smart luggage niche, it needs to focus on solid processes, streamlined production, and optimized fulfillment.

The main reason: Stockouts, seemingly a sign of exclusivity in a market that relishes the new and technologically wondrous, are a lost opportunity to move more units.

Businesses like Horizn Studios require real-time freight data down to the SKU level, along with experienced partners to interpret it and advise for immediate strategic advantage.

By using data directly from Flexport and staying in close contact with its Flexport squad, Horizn Studios’ teams can produce, fulfill, distribute, and market its travel gear and goods on time and aligned with customer needs and trends.

To learn more about how Horizn Studios accomplishes supply chain stability and growth, read the case study.

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