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October 16, 2019

What Is the Amazon Brand Registry and How Does It Work?

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Flexport Editorial Team

October 16, 2019

This blog post was originally published by Deliverr, which is now Flexport. The content has been adjusted to fit the Flexport brand voice and tone, but all other information remains unchanged. With the merging of Deliverr’s services (DTC fulfillment, B2B distribution, and Last Mile delivery) into Flexport’s existing international freight and technology services, we’re now able to provide merchants with true end-to-end logistics solutions spanning from the factory floor to the customer’s door.

Giving you the tools to protect your brand, enhance your reputation, and customize shopper experience, Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful program for anyone selling their own brand on Amazon. If you’re new to Amazon  Brand Registry and want to understand more, join us as we take a deep dive into the program.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed for brand owners and manufacturers selling on the Amazon Marketplace that enables them to register their brand and access a series of tools to protect and enhance it. In the words of Amazon:

“Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on Amazon.”

Available for brand owners, manufacturers and vendor brands, 130,000 brands are already registered, and this number is expected to rocket alongside the number of sellers on the marketplace.

The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry was originally just a tab in Seller Central. However, since its revamp in 2017, sellers on the Registry now benefit from powerful features, including:

Brand Protection

First and foremost, Amazon Brand Registry protects eCommerce businesses from brand infringement, counterfeit goods, and damaging listings. In achieving this, sellers have access to:

  • Global, image, and bulk ASIN searches to monitor, identify and report infringement, incorrect information, and review manipulations
  • A global team of investigators working 24/7 and taking action within 24 hours on 95% of cases
  • Proactive identification and highlighting of brand infringement
  • Support through any litigation

Customer Protection

Amazon Brand Registry gives you control over Amazon product detail pages using your brand name - enabling you to provide your customers with an accurate and trusted experience that results in genuine products.

Brand Enhancement

Amazon Brand Registry sellers can also enhance their brand and increase traffic through the use of:

  • Amazon stores: A unique storefront URL to showcase your brand story and products
  • Sponsored brands: Ads featuring your logo, headline, and three product images

Product Enhancement

Amazon Brand Registry can also increase your conversion rates by making products more appealing to buyers through:

  • Enhanced Brand Content: Customized product descriptions that include enhanced images, altered text placement, and product videos
  • Customer reviews: Eliciting early reviews for products in exchange for Amazon vouchers using the Early Reviewer Program
  • Unique URLs: Customized URLs for your brand
  • Sole ownership of the buy box

How Does Amazon Brand Registry Work?

As you can see, Amazon Brand Registry has many persuasive benefits, but how exactly does it work?

Eligibility Requirements

Suitability for Amazon Brand Registry includes sellers who

  • Make or manufacture their own products
  • Brand white-labeled products
  • Own a private label brand
  • Have express permission to distribute and own a brand on Amazon

Eligibility for Amazon Brand Registry requires a principal registered trademark and active text-based or image-based trademark in the relevant country.

If you have not yet obtained a principal registered trademark for your brand, head to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (or relevant office for your country) to find out more information on registering a trademark.

Enrolling Your Brand

To enroll your brand, sign in to Seller Central and head to the Brand Registry enrollment page. During the enrollment process, you must provide:

  • Your brand name and logo
  • Your brand's intellectual property, including the government-registered trademark type, name, number, and office
  • Any identifying features, including product images, packaging images, websites, and social media pages
  • Any characteristics, including sellers, vendors, unique identifiers (e.g., EAN), manufacturing details, licenses, countries of manufacture, countries of distribution, and product categories

Amazon verifies this information with the registered trademark office, which is then provided with a verification code. You must obtain this code from the office and send it back to Amazon.

The enrollment process should take no longer than two weeks. To view the status of your application, visit the Case log in your account.

Multiple Brands

To register multiple brands, repeat the process with the same contact and seller information. If you have not yet registered the trademarks for multiple brands, consider registering one trademark that encompasses all of your brands - saving both time and money.

Amazon Transparency

Amazon Brand Registry sellers can also use Amazon Transparency - Amazon’s item-level authentication service. Sellers enroll products into the program and affix a Transparency code to the product, which is then scanned by Amazon and customers to confirm authenticity.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Brand

Of course, Amazon Brand Registry isn’t the only way to protect and enhance your brand. We recommend brand sellers on Amazon to implement the following too:

Consistency with your Amazon listings looks professional and helps customers to notice and avoid imposter listings. You can achieve consistency through:

  • Branding: Using specific logos and color schemes
  • Working: Adopting the same style, tone, and format in all of your listings
  • Product photography: Using the same lighting, backgrounds, and in-context product photographs

Customer experience
Positive customer experience improves customer lifetime value - ensuring that customers return to your listings rather than shopping around and being exposed to counterfeit listings. You can enhance customer experience through:

  • Fast shipping: Delivering your items in two-days using in-house fulfillment, FBA, or an SFP fulfillment service
  • Customer care: Responding to queries and complaints quickly and effectively
  • Amazon Prime: Offering customers Prime benefits, including free shipping and exclusive discounts

Multi-channel selling
If you’re only selling and protecting your brand on Amazon, you’re opening the door for improper use of your brand on other sales channels. Multi-channel eCommerce enables you to create a brand presence across other sales channels such as eBay and Walmart - securing the experience for customers wherever they shop.

Concluding Thoughts

Amazon Brand Registry might sound like a tool reserved for the big brands and household names - but it’s not. Amazon Brand Registry helps you to protect your most valuable assets: your brand and your customers - making it a vital step in your business.

The contents of this blog are made available for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any legal, business, or financial decisions. We do not guarantee, represent, or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the contents of this blog because they are based on Flexport’s current beliefs, expectations, and assumptions, about which there can be no assurance due to various anticipated and unanticipated events that may occur. This blog has been prepared to the best of Flexport’s knowledge and research; however, the information presented in this blog herein may not reflect the most current regulatory or industry developments. Neither Flexport nor its advisors or affiliates shall be liable for any losses that arise in any way due to the reliance on the contents contained in this blog.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.
Flexport Editorial Team

October 16, 2019

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