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Logistics Service

Build and Run Our Expanding Logistics Infrastructure

Who We Are

Developing Unique Tech-Driven Products and Services

From air and ocean freight to ground transportation, warehousing and pricing, we're the teams providing the products and services that power our platform. We're looking for dedicated, driven people to help us make Flexport the world's premier freight forwarder.

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Follow the rules but not the herd. The Global Customs team finds innovative ways to help Flexport clients save money while ensuring compliance with federal trade laws and international regulations.

Air Freight

Take air freight to the next level. Build a service that’s reliable, fast, and adaptive to client needs. Ensure visibility is end-to-end and outcomes are first class.

Ocean Freight

Turn the tide on ocean freight. Raise the levels of transparency, reliability, and affordability for FCL, LCL, and new shipping modes that combine the best of both.


Be on the cutting edge of end-to-end visibility. Connect the physical with the digital world by developing, growing and running state-of-the-art facilities in tandem with the latest technology and solutions.


Deliver the future of trucking. Revolutionize ground transport with integrated tracking tools and mobile applications. See eye-to-eye with partners thanks to innovative data connections.

Cargo Insurance

Be among the first to bring integrated freight insurance to market. Engineer more affordable insurance that provides broader coverage, pays faster, and delivers peace of mind.

Flexport Capital

Finance the world's trade. Develop solutions that accelerate the growth of the next generation of companies.

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