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Ocean FCL 101 (7 MIN)

Introduction to Ocean FCL

Do you wait to fill a container or ship now? Where's the sweet spot between speed, cost, and reliability? Learn more about Ocean FCL in this course.

Your Key Takeaways

What FCL, or full container loads, are and the different types that exist.

Take a deep dive into which goods you should ship via FCL and the overall benefits of shipping a full container.

How your FCL shipment travels from A to B and the timeline in which certain documents must be submitted to get your cargo to its final destination ASAP.

Go Further

Expand your knowledge. Explore related topics to enhance your knowledge and skills.

3 Lessons (7 MIN)

Airfreight 101

Learn when it’s a competitive advantage to ship via air, how cargo is uniquely loaded on a plane, and options for procuring airfreight rates.

3 Lessons (8 MIN)

Supply Chain 101

Learn the principles of supply chain management to arm yourself with strategies focused on data and market-driven insight.

3 Lessons (9 MIN)

Trucking 101

Learn key trucking concepts as well as why trucking plays a major role in (nearly) every shipment.