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The Flexport App on Shopify

Integrate Flexport with your Shopify store to get inventory from factory floor to customer door in just a few clicks. Quote, book, track, and replenish goods all in one platform.


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Flexport makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable


Through a strategic partnership with Shopify, merchants shipping products to U.S. customers can now seamlessly pair their product library, choose the best ocean freight services for their business, and gain SKU-level visibility to inventory in transit. Plus, merchants receive 24/7 support from Flexport’s logistics experts on customs clearance, cargo insurance, working capital, and more.To get started, add the Flexport App on Shopify.

Product Demo

Once you’ve installed the app, this short walkthrough video can help you get started with requesting a freight estimate, reviewing the estimate, and booking your first shipment:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a Shopify merchant to use the app?

Yes. At this time, you must be an active Shopify merchant to use the Flexport App on Shopify.

How can I access the app? Where is it?

The Flexport App on Shopify is accessible through the Shopify App Store for eligible Merchants.

To learn more about the Flexport App on Shopify, please visit https://apps.shopify.com/flexport.

What transportation services are included in the app?

At this time, Shopify merchants can ship Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) and Full-Container-Load (FCL) ocean freight from China to the United States – along with customs clearance and enhanced cargo protections. Drayage is included as part of Flexport’s end-to-end ocean freight services.

What support is available for customs clearance?

Flexport offers customs brokerage services. Third-party customs brokers are not supported.

How can I protect my cargo in-transit?

Flexport offers cargo insurance and you can request coverage through the app. Customers can also procure alternative insurance coverage for their cargo.

Do you offer airfreight through the app?

Airfreight is not available through the Flexport App on Shopify at this time. End-to-end airfreight services are a priority on our product roadmap. Eligible Shopify merchants will be notified when airfreight is available in-app.

If you’d like to learn more about Flexport’s airfreight services, please contact a Flexport representative here.

What trucking services are available through the app?

Origin and destination trucking services are offered as part of the end-to-end ocean freight service. Standalone trucking services are not available through the Flexport App on Shopify at this time.

If you’d like to learn more about Flexport’s trucking services, please contact a Flexport representative here.

What countries and port pairs do you service in the Flexport App on Shopify?

We offer end-to-end ocean freight services between China and the United States. Additional countries will be added soon. Contact Flexport here for shipping services outside of China to the United States.

Are there any products you don’t ship?

Flexport can service most commodities, but certain commodities, such as those requiring refrigerated containers or hazardous materials, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to set up an account with Flexport? If so, how do I do that?

Upon accepting your freight estimate and completing enrollment, we will send you an invite to connect your Flexport account with the Shopify App.

Can I still use Flexport’s services if I have a different freight forwarding partner?

The Flexport App on Shopify is designed for Shopify merchants who use Flexport as their freight forwarding partner.

Who do I contact if I need help in the Flexport App on Shopify?

You can get in touch with a Flexport representative through the “Contact Us” link in the App. Alternatively, you can speak directly to a Flexport team member once you’ve signed into your Flexport account.

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