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Overweight Cargo

An overweight container will incur extra fees during the trucking and/or rail leg, so keep the weight limitations below in mind when loading a...

Amazon EU Delivery: Selecting Your Final Amazon Delivery Method

What to select as your final delivery method when shipping to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quoting

Frequently Asked Questions about Quoting: Filling out the Quote Request and Re-quoting a Shipment

What Should I Put as the Final Destination if I Have Been Assigned Multiple Fulfillment Centers?

If you have been assigned multiple Amazon fulfillment centers, enter the fulfillment center with the most cargo assigned to it as the destination...

What Should I Put as the Destination Location in My Quote?

If you are shipping to Amazon, the final delivery address is the fulfillment center you were assigned when you created a shipment plan in Amazon Seller Central.

If you are not shipping to Amazon, the destination location is the address of your shipment’s final destination.