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Flexport Has Partnered With 
the COSCO SHIPPING SynCon Hub Platform

For even better booking and service on shipments moving on COSCO SHIPPING LINES, Flexport has partnered with the SynCon Hub platform. This is just one way we’re always working to build you an even more connected platform.

Modern APIs for Better Freight Solutions

We’re using modern APIs to provide you with guaranteed service and faster updates for COSCO SHIPPING shipments. Strong API integrations help everyone in global trade gain the full benefits of today’s technology.

Constant Improvements From Deep Connections

We want every day to be better than the last. Flexport’s partnership with COSCO SHIPPING is one more way we’re constantly working to simplify your day to day, and make global trade easy for everyone.

SynCon Hub Shows Power of 
Technology in Freight

The COSCO SHIPPING SynCon Hub platform provides instant booking services and transparent rates with guaranteed space and equipment, among other benefits.