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Dangerous Goods Training

Mitigate your risk exposure with the Flexport Dangerous Goods training program. In addition to the standard certification, your team will learn how to apply what they’ve learned to your company's unique operational needs.

Training and Programs That Go Beyond Compliance

Reach all your compliance and your performance goals. As an IATA-endorsed training school and a digital freight forwarder, we know where regulations and efficiency intersect. In these customizable courses, we show you how following checklists can also create productivity gains.

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    28-48 hours | $1500/pp — Official dangerous goods certification for air and ocean meeting both ICAO/IATA and IMDG regulations.

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    IATA DGR - Initial

    20-40 hours | $900/pp — Official dangerous goods certification for air DG cargo meeting both ICAO/IATA and US DOT regulations.

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    IATA DGR - Refresher

    12-30 hours | $750/pp — Official dangerous goods re-certification for air DG cargo meeting ICAO/IATA regulations.

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    IATA DG Awareness

    4 hours | $300/pp — Official dangerous goods certification in general awareness, required for everyone processing or handling general cargo.

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    IATA Lithium Battery Specialization

    8 hours | $500/pp — Official dangerous goods training in lithium battery compliance, for all transportation modes. Highly recommend to be paired with an air, sea, or land certification.

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    12 hours | $725/pp — Official dangerous goods certification for transporting ocean DG cargo.

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    DG Program Consultancy Services

    1 hour minimum | $250/hour — Whether you need help building an effective DG program from the ground up or end-to-end instructions to export your DG product compliantly, our DG experts are here for you.

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    DG Program Auditing Services

    1 hour minimum | $250/hour — Our IATA endorsed DG experts are here to validate the effectiveness of your current DG program with our comprehensive auditing services.


What is an effective Dangerous Goods program?

An effective Dangerous Goods program is tailored to your specific organization. The basic fundamentals however should include Policy & SOP documents, regular staff training, audits, and a mechanism for continuous improvement. Remember, simply holding a Dangerous Goods certification will have little value if your organization does not have a strong Dangerous Goods compliance program in place.

Review Flexport training options and course pricing, or connect with an industry expert to discuss available options by filling out a form on the top of the page.

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Common misunderstanding of Dangerous Goods Certification

Hazardous Materials training alone is not sufficient; it teaches you only the regulation and not the day-to-day steps necessary. Job specific training is required by law and is a key mitigating factor in case of penalties. You should implement an effective Dangerous Goods program before transporting potentially dangerous materials.

The information to be provided in the Dangerous Goods related services are based on the applicable published regulations in place at the time of the training. The information contained in the training is subject to change due to evolving government regulations. The user of all information and materials provided assumes full responsibility for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the shipment of Dangerous Goods. As Flexport is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the users, Flexport shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages, loss of use, revenue or profit or for any consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages, as well as loss, injury and/or damage caused by errors or omissions of any employee in transporting, declaring, handling and/or identifying Dangerous Goods. This information is not legal advice, nor does it replace (or purport to replace) any requirement to obtain specific legal advice. All materials provided by Flexport and all information contained therein is proprietary to Flexport.