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Simplify Your Supply Chain

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See how you can manage your supply chain from end to end. Learn how our technology enables you to:

  • Respond to issues as they occur with real-time tracking
  • Save time and money by optimising your logistics operations
  • Communicate efficiently with all of your stakeholders

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Flexport Platform

Unchain Your Supply Chain

Picture freight without constraint. The Flexport Platform is your supply chain source of truth. Automate orders. Onboard suppliers. Book logistics. Track cargo. A single dashboard speeds workflows and surfaces insights.

SKU-Level Visibility

Manage Inventory Even in Transit

Track your freight over ocean, air, and land down to the SKU. The Flexport Platform gives you and your team end-to-end visibility and control anywhere in the world.

A Control Tower for Your Supply Chain Illustration

A Control Tower for Your Supply Chain

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches and say hello to your team’s new single source of truth. Shipment tracking at the SKU level. Landed costs. Insights. Analytics. Accurate answers for everyone on the Flexport platform.

Exception Management

Immediate Exception Management

Learn about exceptions or changes in your shipment’s lifecycle and quickly fix issues before they result in late fees, or delays.

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