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Obtain your dangerous goods compliance certifications with Flexport. We’ve redesigned the traditional training to empower you for leadership in today’s rapid-pace global market.

CC-1-3x v2

Take Command of Dangerous Goods

Train with the experts with day-to-day freight forwarding expertise at one of the industry’s only Competency Based Training Accredited institutions. We’re not just checking the boxes. We’re raising the bar.

Leverage Your Certifications

Let Flexport certify you and your team for all the primary modes of dangerous goods transportation. Get your suppliers certified, too, and you could minimize risk, cut days off transit times, and save money.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Access your dangerous goods compliance documents and all your data in one place—the Flexport Platform—so it's easier and faster to manage your supply chain end-to-end. Don’t ship with Flexport? We’ll still certify you.



Teachers Who Are in the Trenches

When you’re in a role that demands results, theory only gets you so far. Earn your compliance certifications from teachers who live the realities of logistics every day. Layer your learning with top global trade experience.

Dangerous Goods Compliance Services and Certifications


Dangerous Goods Program Review

While your team gets certified, Flexport’s team can test your programs for compliance and efficacy. Dangerous goods experts analyze data, assess records, check processes, and run white hat attacks.


Dangerous Goods Consultancy

Flexport can teach you how to deploy your new competence to create strong frameworks at your company for years to come. The only thing that’s dangerous about you is how sharp you’ll be.

28-48 HOURS

Multimodal Certifications

Spend a full week with Flexport on dangerous goods certifications for air and ocean. By the weekend, you’ll be ICAO/IATA and IMDG compliant. Definitely worth celebrating—safely, that is.

4 hours

IATA DGR Awareness

This one’s required for everyone who processes or handles air cargo. Flexport makes the course about really knowing the impact, not just checking boxes to get certified. But you will leave certified.

20-40 HOURS


Start off right. Get your dangerous goods certification for air cargo, meeting IATA’s new Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) framework. Our official IATA-endorsed courses will satisfy IATA licensing and cargo agent requirements.

12-30 HOURS


Back for more? We can’t blame you. First off, it’s your job—you have to recertify. Secondly, our courses pull from our field experience. It’s a great way to meet IATA regulations.


IATA Lithium Battery Specialization

People think batteries are no big deal, but you know better. Let Flexport train you in lithium battery compliance for all transport modes. This course pairs well with our general certifications.

12 hours

IMO IMDG Code DG Certification

Obtain your certification to transport dangerous goods by ocean. Flexport experts share tales from the major trade lanes to better illustrate the importance of proper handling and declarations.

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