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Freight Forwarder

Meet the Digital Freight Forwarder for Ocean, Air and Rail

Say hello to end-to-end visibility and expert support

Choose a freight forwarder specialised in handling daily and weekly shipments across Ocean, Air and Rail. Our combination of technology, infrastructure and expertise make supply chains more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable.

Why Customers Choose Flexport as their Freight Forwarder

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"The most frictionless piece of our supply chain is our freight forwarder."

Jimmy Standley (President, Solé Bicycles)


"In Flexport, we have a truly dependable partner at our side who is always able to respond quickly to our questions."

Benjamin Penderock (Product Manager, DOTLUX)


"With Flexport, the visibility of our supply chain has gone up tenfold"

RoxAnne Thomas (U.S. Transportation Manager, Gerber)

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Visibility and Control

Our online platform brings together your team, your suppliers, and our experts to keep everyone on the same page. Your dashboard shows you the insights you care about and the exceptions you need to manage to keep your supply chain on track. Find what you’re looking for with Flexport as your digital freight forwarder.

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We Are Your Logistics Team

With Flexport, you gain a driven and accountable freight forwarder as a partner committed to improving your business. Flexport freight forwarding delivers 24/7/365 human support, in which customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals. We’re here to empower you with supply chain transparency, efficiency, and agility to grow your bottom line.

One Seamless World. No More Black Box.

Look around your room. Everything you see was built all over the world. Yet, though we're more connected than ever, our ability to ship, store, and trade goods has remained fragmented. It takes up to 20 companies to move one shipment, each with its own systems and processes. Flexport’s Platform simplifies global trade by connecting everyone in the supply chain. We’re setting a new standard for global trade.

Your Freight Forwarder Across All Modalities

Flexport digital forwarding makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable.

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    Ocean Freight

    Move your high volume ocean freight with our favourable rates and reliable capacity.

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    Air Freight

    End-to-end visibility and reliable service for those important airfreight shipments.

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    Ground Transportation

    Whether it's a final mile delivery by truck or long-distance rail import from Asia, we have you covered.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Streamline your supply chain with Flexport people and technology.