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Duty Drawback

Find Giant Refunds Within Your Trade

Duty drawback can result in large sums coming back to your company. The documentation can be intense, but the Flexport Platform streamlines filings for a new way to claim your cash.


Line Your Pockets with a New Line Item

Billions in excess duties may be left unclaimed each year in the U.S. alone. There may be more ways to qualify for drawback than you realize, too. Flexport Customs helps you find and claim what’s yours.

Simplify Your Claim with Centralized Data

The documentation scares far too many companies off drawback. In the Flexport Platform, your records are structured for retrieval, all in one place. So if you're owed drawback, it's easier to claim.

Work with Experts Who Have Your Back

At Flexport, nobody just dabbles in drawback. Our team is dedicated, maybe even obsessed. This is all they do. Be confident refunds are yours to keep with accurate, compliant filings and a clean audit trail.



Drawback Backed by the Flexport Platform

There are no workarounds to drawback. Compliance starts with data accuracy, an easy feat in the Flexport Platform. Your drawback team takes on all administrative duties, so you can consider it as good as done.

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