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Air Service With Transparency and Reliable Rates

Flexport delivers a best-in-class experience in airfreight, offering customers granular and end-to-end visibility, reliable service, and customized, data-driven supply chain solutions.

End-to-End Transparency and Real-Time Information

Delivering your airfreight on time is critical. With Flexport’s technology platform and data integrations, you get real-time visibility, from shipper pickup to final mile delivery. And with dedicated, global teams monitoring air shipments 24/7, we proactively make sure your time-sensitive cargo arrives at its final destination as planned.

A Robust, Global Network of Capacity

Our network of BSAs and contracts with key carriers means you’ll get consistent, premium, best-in-class service with daily uplift schedules to meet any transit time requirement from Express to Deferred. Our capacity covers all of the high demand trade lanes from Asia to the US and Europe.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

Our proprietary technology optimizes for the best routing, pricing, and delivery timelines, supporting the full order-to-cash cycle. Every supply chain is unique, so we offer express, standard, and deferred services to accommodate your delivery timeline. And at any time, our service is agile enough to reposition capacity based on your specific needs.

Distinguished Aviation Leadership and Experience

Our leadership team features deep airline industry expertise, including former C-suite executives from major airlines, which provides unique perspectives and enables asset-supported solutions for cargo transportation. Our global team is knowledgeable in local regulations, compliance, and business practices, providing valuable guidance and consultation any time you need it.

Faster Transit Times, Better Service

Faster transit times for airfreight are won with a great ground operation. Flexport has invested in a network of cargo freight stations in all of our key gateways that are powered by our industry-leading technology to provide a truly premium and value-added service. Our network of owned and partner warehouses are designed to optimize the ground operation and seamlessly move your freight from port to door.

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