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Grow Your Business and Fund Your Supply Chain With Flexport Capital

Get a line of credit to purchase inventory, finance freight and duty charges, and free up working capital for day-to-day operations.

Unlock Capital So You Can Keep Growing

Money tied up in your supply chain is money you can’t access. With Flexport Capital, running out of inventory, being unable to fulfill large orders, and delaying growth efforts are things of the past.

Financial Solutions That Fit Your Business

Flexport Capital offers a number of coverage options that can help your business continue moving forward. Inventory financing can cover the outlay you need to buy your goods. Shipment financing can cover freight and customs duties. Purchase Order financing can cover all inventory and transportation costs to fulfill a large customer order. And with every option, Flexport will help you move your goods from origin to destination, ensuring that your investment is in good hands the entire way.

Fast Financing With Flexible Options

With Flexport Capital’s simple application, you may be eligible for a credit line in just a few days. Quickly access additional working capital with no long-term commitment. And with flexible payments, line item financing, and lending on unsold inventory, you’ve got options that take your growing business into account.

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Sail With Visibility And Transparency
Air Freight
Speed and Efficiency Soar

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