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End-to-end tracking visibility and predictive supply chain modeling give you the global advantage. Plan more precisely, respond to demand, and evolve with your market.


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SKU Level Visibility, Anytime, Anywhere

When you can see everything about your SKUs, you can unlock detailed insights. Calculate landed costs. Measure suppliers against KPIs. Respond to stock levels. Forecast seasons. Stay in the lead.

More Data for Fewer Surprises

Secure advantages, sidestep risk, and plan for anything. Advanced integrations marry carrier and customs data with your Product Library and transactions to create predictive outlooks.

Expertise in Every Way

Flexport helps make the most of your market position. Optimize transport for speed and cost, clear goods faster, reduce duties, and enhance social impact. Flexport experts get to know you and your supply chain.



Capture the Market with Exceptional Data

Flexport APIs provide clean, thorough data. Plan inventory, improve timing, sell goods in transit, and launch products. Predictive analytics shape a greater vision for already powerful supply chains.



First, Game It Out. Then, Put It in Place.

Could one port over trim days off transit? Should some of those SKUs come from another country? You don’t need an ideal world to create a model supply chain. See how your business might look with a few strategic changes and commit to the ones that work.

Case Study

Paper-Products Leader Powers Digital Transformation & CX

How Georgia-Pacific gains data-driven visibility and process efficiency with Flexport



Pinpoint a World of Opportunity

Devise stronger global trade strategies. Speed customs and control costs. Derisk growth, minimize duties, and reclaim any excess paid. Let Flexport Customs Trade Advisors apply their expertise to your financial obligations.


social impact

Lead Positive Change. Go Carbon Neutral.

Offset carbon with one setting in the Flexport Platform and earn a Carbonfree® Shipper designation to share with customers. Elevate your existing programs by striving for net-zero emissions with help from Flexport.

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