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June 11, 2020

Platform Updates Put More Control in Users’ Hands and Create a Personalized Experience

Platform Updates Put More Control in Users’ Hands and Create a Personalized Experience

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Visibility and control are two things that logistics and supply chain managers need critically right now to be able to make smart decisions and change plans on the fly. The latest version of Flexport’s technology platform not only enables that, it also gives users the power of a customizable, tailored experience.

Today, Flexport is introducing a new personalized platform experience that features a logistics dashboard pre-configured to the specific needs of logistics managers. Plus, this latest update offers the ability to further customize workflows and to access the dashboard from anywhere, including mobile devices.

A Platform Designed to Empower Users

Flexport’s product and user research teams interviewed 120-plus clients and suppliers and reviewed more than a year of user feedback. Research revealed critical insights about how different people along the supply chain work and focus their attention. The outcome: a pre-configured user experience for three core personas, including logistics managers working with large and small supply chains, and their suppliers.

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Different dashboard configurations, depending on your role in the supply chain.

Looking ahead, Flexport will be expanding the persona-specific experiences to all participants in global trade that operate on the platform—for instance, data analysts, finance professionals, purchasing managers and others, to add value throughout your organization.

Tools to Optimize Workflows

Through intuitive features like drag-and-drop widgets, logistics managers can create their own experiences to optimize workflows. This lets them quickly access high-priority information and easily take actions as needed. And, the automation inherent in the platform eliminates the typical burden of numerous emails, which leads to confusion and mistakes—and hours of wasted time.

In addition, five new modules in the dashboard help users make smarter decisions about their supply chain operations:

  1. Carbon Emissions Estimator: See the carbon footprint of your shipments and explore opportunities for running a more sustainable supply chain.
  2. Duty Drawback Estimator: Estimate potential refunds, based on your eligibility, if your imported goods are later exported or destroyed.
  3. COVID-19 Updates: Get the latest COVID-19 information to help better manage the impact on your supply chain.
  4. Shipments: See all your shipments at a glance. Organize the list based on your workflow preferences.
  5. Industry News: Stay informed with the latest global news coverage and top-of-mind industry findings.

The newest evolution of the dashboard presents a more holistic supply chain command center that goes beyond transaction control. Now users also gain strategic insights around industry trends, sustainability, how to reduce costs and mitigate risk, and other best practices.

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Access from Any Device

It goes without saying that supply chains span continents and require collaboration around the world, with dozens of people in various time zones. The redesign of the Flexport platform ensures everyone in a supply chain management flow can access shipment timelines—a core component of the shipment list and details page—with their logistics launchpads anytime, anywhere, from any device. If an important update comes in from one part of the world, it can be easily tagged and flagged to catch the attention of others in the workflow so operations can progress, uninterrupted.

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The power of personalization and built-in intuitive tools help logistics and supply chain managers gain far greater visibility on shipments, to make them more productive and more effective.

Flexport customers can begin customizing their dashboards today. For those not yet on the Flexport Platform, learn more about how to bring control, efficiency, and transparency to your supply chain.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.

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