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Diversity & Inclusion

Empowered to Be Your Authentic Self

Our Approach

Equal Opportunities and Diverse Environments

From the way we attract and select candidates to the way we develop employees and their managers, our goal is a vibrant and inclusive community which thrives on diverse talent. We know that diverse perspectives are a source of innovation critical to our long-term success.

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Our Commitment

A Diverse Workplace

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Embrace All Backgrounds

Global trade is the most diverse industry in the world. Every shipment requires a group of people from different parts of the planet, with different cultures, backgrounds, industries, roles, and experiences, to set aside those differences and collaborate to get stuff done.

Specialists & Generalists

We are committed to hiring and training generalists, to exposing our team to a diversity of experiences. When we select for talent and skill, we look for unique capabilities that can advance our shared mission, along with a firm commitment to living our shared values.

Measured By Value

We strive to create a culture that measures people on the value they create, where ideas win based on evidence, and where the people who make the best decisions earn more responsibility and make more important decisions. We also work hard to ensure market-based compensation, where pay is determined on the basis of the value a person creates and never on politics, favoritism, or discrimination.

Team Cross-Pollination

We think people who can move across disciplines seamlessly and relate with people from different backgrounds naturally have an advantage in identifying creative solutions. We’ve repeatedly seen the tremendous value created when combining two disciplines, or taking the best ideas from one discipline and applying them to another.

Recruiting Commitment

We are committed to recruiting from a diverse candidate pool. We are also committed to implementing best practices in both operational processes, governance systems, and reporting transparency for diversity and inclusion.


Measuring Our Progress

By Gender

Our data on gender identity is self-reported by employees.

By Ethnicity

Beyond gender, and in order to adhere to the local laws in the other countries in which we operate, we have limited our demographic reporting to United States-based employees. The self-reported categories listed here are in accordance with U.S. government regulations, but we recognize that ethnicity is broader than categorization allows.

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