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Small Steps Towards Sustainability for a Big Impact

What’s inside?

Studies indicate that Scope 3 emissions, which occur along a company’s supply chain, can account for 65% to 90% of total emissions. To help combat the effects of climate change, brands of all sizes, across industries, are identifying solutions to “green” their supply chain processes.

For many small and mid-sized companies that lack the resources, tools and in-house expertise, the path towards sustainability can feel daunting. To help make things easier, Flexport interviewed sustainability leads from our partner brands including Cotopaxi, Framework, Klean Kanteen, O My Bag, and Tricon Energy, to share actionable insights on how they got started and the evolution of their journeys.

Across multiple industries, these trailblazing brands with ambitious sustainability goals all started their journey with reliable data—a step they’ve taken with as their partner.

In this eGuide, we cover the five most critical learnings to help make sustainability achievable for every brand:

  1. Start with a Materiality Analysis — Elizabeth Carlson, Tricon Energy
  2. Get Clear on Your Motives — Annie Agle, Cotopaxi
  3. Deliver on Your Promise — Brett Renlund, Klean Kanteen
  4. Build It Into Your Model — Amanda McElmurray, Framework
  5. Collaborate Creatively For Change — Elizabeth Carlson, Tricon; Femke Lotgerink, O My Bag; Annie Agle, Cotopaxi