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Sustainability Starts with Awareness, Measure Your Freight Emissions Today

Take the first step in building a greener future. Our transportation emissions calculator empowers you to take control of your environmental impact in seconds. By quantifying your emissions responsibly, you're gaining valuable insights to make informed choices.

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How are the freight emissions calculated

Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated per shipment and by individual leg of the shipping route. Each calculation is based on available data unique to the cargo and route including weight, distance traveled, and methods of transportation.


Verified and Accredited by Industry Standards

Flexport’s freight emissions calculator takes a full life-cycle approach and is accredited annually by the Smart Freight Centre, an independent third-party organization to ensure it provides accurate measurements in accordance with the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC) Framework.

Flexport helps you calculate emissions from any shipment.

Try it today and get your first ten shipment calculations for free. Upload a CSV file with shipments or connect directly to your Non-Vessel-Operating (NVO) to automatically track your shipments and report emissions. Calculate emissions in seconds for up to 20,000 shipments at once.

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