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Non-Reimbursement Statements

This is a statement certifying non-reimbursement of Antidumping and/or Countervailing Duties (AD/CVD) when applicable for imported merchandise.

Non-Reimbursement Statements

Why are Non-Reimbursement Statements important?

In an effort to protect US industries, AD/CVD orders are issued with heavy duties to level the playing field for the domestic industry that was harmed by the cheap production of that item. Once an item is coming from a country that is within the scope of an AD/CVD order, there needs to be an accompanying Non-Reimbursement Statement detailing that the Supplier/Manufacturer is not offsetting the ADD/CVD costs levied against that product. If customs finds that these duties are offset in any way by a Supplier/Manufacturer, the Importer can be subject to heavy fines, and possibly additional legal actions against them.

What is a valid Non-Reimbursement Statement?

Non-reimbursement statements may be issued per entry, or may be issued as a blanket instruction for a particular product. Blanket instructions are valid no longer than one year from the date they are signed.

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