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A drop is one option for delivery of FCL shipments.


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What is a drop? 

A drop is a type of trucking delivery for FCL shipments where the trucker drops off the container at the warehouse and then leaves, instead of waiting while the container is unloaded. Once Flexport is informed that the container has been unloaded, the driver will return to pick up the empty container (generally within 48 hours). 

The trucker will charge a drop fee because it requires an extra trip. 

When should a drop be arranged?

A drop should be considered if the cargo cannot be unloaded immediately upon arrival at the warehouse, or if the cargo cannot be unloaded quickly, since the trucker is usually unable to wait for several hours (and waiting time gets expensive). 

For example: 

  • If the cargo consists of loose, floor-loaded cartons (which take longer to unload) 
  • If the warehouse is understaffed and/or congested.

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