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International Freight Forwarding

Freight Market Update - Weekly Newsletter

Supply Chain News: Rate Trends, Customs, and Tariff Changes

Need to stay up to date on the latest rate trends, customs and tariff change? Sign up for our free weekly newsletter of supply chain news from industry experts.

  • One-Stop News for Multiple Trade Lanes

    From TPEB to FEWB to US exports—track shifts in supply, demand, and capacity for multiple trade lanes and modes with one glance.

  • Keep Up With Customs and Tariff Changes

    Cross borders without surprises. Understand new rulings, schedules, and other changes importers need to know.

  • Manage Risk in Your Supply Chain With Economic Insight

    Gain valuable awareness with curated news and economic analysis from our Chief Economist—Dr. Phil Levy—to help you avoid risk and optimize opportunity.

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The Defeat-Disruption Newsletter For Your Supply Chain

We cover every trade lane, mode, and major region to help you make strategic decisions for your supply chain.

Flexport Weekly Market Updates

Stay Ahead Of Supply Chain Risks Large And Small

Our weekly newsletter can help you stay ahead of any and all impacts to your supply chain. Our industry-leading experts skip the fluff to frame key news and data for supply chain pros, logistics experts, and anyone in global trade.