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Shipping to the UK and Beyond

Ship to the UK

United States

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Insist on full visibility from origin to destination for all your UK shipments. Proactively manage suppliers with automated order management, while closing any gaps with logistics partners. Flexport’s platform for global logistics puts it all within reach, for ocean and air freight or multi-modal solutions.

Ship to the UK

United States

Select an option

Select an option

UK Shipping Keys to Success

You can rely on Flexport’s technology and people to bring you unprecedented visibility and control despite Brexit, COVID, and whatever disruption hits supply chains next.

Why Customers Ship their Freight with Flexport

Today, Flexport connects almost 10,000 customers and suppliers across 116 countries.

Shipping Freight to the United Kingdom With Insight

1. Port Congestion

Heavy congestion can make your choice of import gateway critical. Felixstowe and Southampton, among UK ports, have been especially hard hit.

2. Carrier or Merchant, Road or Rail?

For inland UK services, your choice of carrier or merchant haulage is critical—as is considering rail, especially for delivery to the North.

3. Ocean Alliance Flexibility

Carrier TAWB routes to the Americas typically include just one UK port per service string, making strong relationships with all carriers key to preserving your choice of ports.

Every Mode in Each Direction

Whether you're shipping to or from the United Kingdom, Flexport digital forwarding makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable.

Ready To Get Started?

Talk to a supply chain solutions expert and see the Flexport platform in action.