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Supply Chain Visibility

Shared Visibility. Now a Supply Chain Reality.

Your View Into A Seamless Supply Chain

By connecting all parties to your supply chain, Flexport’s platform gives you real-time visibility to make fully informed decisions. Track your containers and what’s inside them. Control your costs. Stay agile with exception alerts.

Share a single source of truth with suppliers, partners, and customers to improve performance, booking management, and inventory planning. Utilize our API (coming soon) to integrate our data with your internal systems for an even clearer picture and strategic advantage.

  • Prior to working with Flexport, visibility was a major pain point, to the extent that our inbound shipments would sometimes just turn up at our warehouses unexpectedly. This had significant consequences across our business.

    Iman Abdallah

    Ops and Business Development, NA-KD

Expand Your View, Improve Your Choices

Save Time and Money

Enhance cost efficiency and reduce unexpected challenges by leveraging more precise shipment milestones. Seamlessly connect through API integration (coming soon) or simplify the process by uploading a CSV file. Our intelligent column-matching and data validation technology saves you time by ensuring that correct and robust data is seamlessly uploaded each and every time.

Streamline Planning

Stay ahead of your inventory requirements by establishing a unified source of truth for all your freight-related information and attached custom data fields. Effortlessly compare performance metrics across various carriers and lanes, encompassing both third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) providers.

Proactively Manage Exceptions

Efficiently mitigate the risk of detention and demurrage fees by proactively identifying containers that may be at risk and taking prompt action. Our platform draws from multiple data sources and incorporates human-in-the-loop processes for an extra layer of validation and accuracy.

Improve Customer Service

Enhance your ability to respond confidently to delivery inquiries by accessing comprehensive information internally. Our platform draws from multiple data sources, incorporating a human-in-the-loop element to guarantee the utmost accuracy in the information provided. With just a few clicks, you can access a wealth of data, empowering your team to respond to delivery inquiries with confidence and precision.


Look Who Made The Switch to Flexport

Almost 10K Customers and Suppliers from Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses rely on Flexport’s technology and service.

Dedicated Service, Backed by Data

Streamline your supply chain with Flexport people and technology.