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Ship sustainably with Flexport

Automatically calculate emissions from your shipments with Flexport

Measuring your emissions is step one to reducing them.’s free carbon calculator sets you up for sustainability.

Featuring its own API and CSV uploader, our carbon calculator is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre in conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.

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Use Data To Go Lower

Find the optimal mix of ocean, rail, air, and trucking to lower your carbon impact. Flexport’s platform and the team can analyze your emissions to find the right reductions for your business.

We also partner with organizations like GoodShipping to help change the global fuel mix—enabling decarbonization through sustainable marine biofuels.

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Offsets as Part of the Solution

Freight is a difficult to abate emissions sector where carbon offsets still have an important role to play.'s Carbon Offset Program makes it easy for you to take action for your transportation emissions, regardless if we've moved the goods or not.

With our partner Pachama, your offsets support the world’s highest quality forest restoration and conservation projects. Pachama uses satellite technology for project evaluation and monitoring, adding an additional layer of precision and confidence.