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Meet The
Freight Forwarder
and Global Logistics

We make global trade easy for everyone

Flexport has a clear vision to reinvent and digitize the supply chain and make global trade easy for everyone.

We are building a fullstack, end-to-end global supply chain business that uses technology to enable capacity building for our customers, from large, multinational enterprise businesses to SMBs.

We want to bring hundreds of thousands of businesses together over time to create scale that enables those smaller businesses the ability to achieve the transparency, cost, speed, and quality that today is reserved only for the largest of enterprises.


Flexport Platform

Unchain Your Supply Chain

Picture freight without constraint. That’s the new reality on the Flexport Platform. Unprecedented visibility and control for you, your partners, and suppliers—from PO creation all the way to final delivery.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

Move Freight

Ship your goods via Flexport ocean or air options to dial into a decision based on your inventory needs.

Clear Customs

Our technology maximizes the value of your customs data to the rest of your business.

Track Inventory

Track vessels, containers, and goods down to the SKU. Get end-to-end visibility and control anywhere in the world.

Reduce Carbon

Hit your impact goals by going carbon neutral. It’s easy to manage your emissions with powerful tools and reports that span Flexport or other logistics providers.

A Control Tower for Your Supply Chain Illustration

A Control Tower for Your Supply Chain

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches and say hello to your team’s new single source of truth. Shipment tracking at the SKU level. Landed costs. Insights. Analytics. Accurate answers for everyone on the Flexport platform.

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Extinguish Fires With Exception Management

Your dashboard shows you the exceptions you need to manage and the insights you care about. Plus, with visual alerts and updates from your Flexport team, you get the visibility you need to take back control of your supply chain.

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Track More Relevant Information

Stop sifting through your inbox to find information about your shipments. We offer shipment-specific messaging: every shipment includes an activity feed and in-line message thread to show what’s been done and what needs to happen next.

Our Product

Ready to Take Control of Your Supply Chain and Unlock Growth?

Join 10,000+ companies who choose Flexport. More than just a freight forwarder — the platform for global trade.

Why Customers Ship Their Freight With Flexport


"Ultimately what Flexport brought to us was the ability to analyse and make smarter decisions, through a more holistic view of our supply chain."

Julia Assarsson (Head of Inbound and Customs, NA-KD)


"In Flexport, we have a truly dependable partner at our side who is always able to respond quickly to our questions."

Benjamin Penderock (Product Manager, DOTLUX)


"The partnership with Flexport has played a critical part in our success in recent years. Flexport has become an important backbone of our supply chain strategy. If the platform didn't exist, it would have to be invented."

Armin Sinnwell (Director of Global Sourcing, KOSMOS)

Our Vision

One Seamless World. No More Black Box.

Look around your room. Everything you see was built all over the world. Yet, though we're more connected than ever, our ability to ship, store, and trade goods has remained fragmented. It takes up to 20 companies to move one shipment, each with its own systems and processes.

Flexport’s Platform simplifies global trade by connecting everyone in the supply chain. We’re setting a new standard for global trade.